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Fleece Jackets

The Children's Fleece Jackets are tailored much like the Adult's. There are two minor alterations. The elastic around the waistline was eliminated and an additional two inches was added to the length of the jacket.   All Adult jackets include two pockets.   Adult jackets are available in the material selections shown below.   Sizes range from XS to XXL.

Shirts and Western Clothing

The best Western shirts in 50 states!! Big & Tall sizes available. Many patterns to choose from. Buy only the best!   Our western shirts are tailored with a custom fit to accommodate every shape and size.   All shirts are made with 100% cotton. The material is washed and pre-shrunk before the pattern is cut to reduce the amount of shrinkage, providing just the right fit and ultimate comfort. Various yoke patterns available to accommodate different preferences.   Each style includes two large, breast pockets with snaps. Snaps are available in many colors and designs. Buttons can be substituted for an additional charge. We have a small selection of buttons.


This soft, warm, cuddly blazer is made of 100% polyester. The lining is also 100% polyester. The pockets ( you got to have pockets) are large and can hold several things . The sleeves are made to roll up. We suggest that when you find a length that you are comfortable with, you should tack them in place, because they will keep rising up on your arm. I especially love the shawl collar, when you are cold you can pull it up around your neck to stop the cold from going down your back.   There are several patterns to choose from and sizes range from 6 to 24   If you need longer sleeves or body please let us know before when you order it.   Thank you!

Old Fashioned

Old fashioned clothing is one of our specialties. Please contact Julie to discuss what you'd like.

Clothing Styles

Quality sewing is a passion here. Just choose your fabric and style, and we will do the rest!


Here is a sample of items from our Spring 2018 collection.

Clearance Items

Item Fabric Type Sizes Available
Blazers All Over Horse Heads Women's sizes: 8, 12
Vests Rust Kokopeli Bands S, M, L, XL

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